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PRINCIPLE No 2 [How do deficiencies occur?]



Because everything belongs to a system that forms part of a whole. If a cell is chemically out of balance it will be deficient in something, thus an excess of something is taking the place of what is missing.

If agriculture is about giving balanced nutrition to living cells, which form microbes, plants & animals via the soil. Why should you consider using the concept that excess = deficiency?

Using this concept it will provide a different way of thinking how we can achieve nutritional balances in favour of sustainable and profitable production.
To understand that excess = deficiency we need to understand - what is balance?
Balance occurs when everything is in harmony with everything else.

The principle that Excess = Deficiency is crucial, especially as we also take the next conceptual stage of Deficiencies = Disease.

The information contained in this publication has been formulated in good faith, the contents do not take into account all the factors which need to be considered before putting that information into practice. Accordingly, no person should rely on anything contained herein as a substitute for specific professional advice.
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