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Your Pathway to Healthy Soils, Plants and Animals
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Books in the series include:

Title: S.O.S. (Science Of Soils Level One: Chemistry) 50 pages
Author: Gwyn Jones GradDip Sust Ag UNE, MRur Mgmt Studs Syd

When most people try to understand the complexities of soil science they send out a SOS signal and need help. This book answers that call for assistance and gives an overview of soil chemistry from a farmerís perspective. It places an emphasis on the Albrecht soil balance model and how soil pH affects the availability [both good and bad] of soil elements and soil life. It shows you why you cannot base your calcium requirements on soil pH only and why using lime on acid soil can still send you broke!

Title: SoilCARE (Conservation, Aggregation, Regeneration & Energisation) 50 pages.
Author: Gwyn Jones GradDip Sust Ag UNE, MRur Mgmt Studs Syd

SoilCARE introduces a strategic management system in a step-by-step approach to care for your soil by Conserving, Aggregating, Regenerating and ultimately Energising your soil. SoilCARE introduces to you to ways on how you can regenerate topsoil without the use of fertilisers. It shows you how to work with nature to care for your soil and improve its productivity

Title: AgriNutrition (Five Principles of Nutrition) 24 pages
Author: Gwyn Jones GradDip Sust Ag UNE, MRur Mgmt Studs Syd

The topic of Agricultural Nutrition (AgriNutrition) involves supplying the required balance of chemical compounds to cells that form soil microbes, earthworms, plant roots, crops, trees, pastures, sheep and cattle etc via the soil. The five general principles of nutrition are introduced and these concepts can be directly applied to soil, plant, animal (and human) nutrition. These are a starting point with general guidelines that you may choose to use to assist your decision-making processes when considering any subject related to coordinated soil, plant and animal nutrition. This copy includes the up dated ten principles of nutrition, which is only available with the purchase of this publication and cannot be purchased singly.

Title: S.P.A.N. (Soil, Plant & Animal Nutrition: Minerals) 105 pages
Author: Gwyn Jones GradDip Sust Ag UNE, MRur Mgmt Studs Syd

This book aims to treat Soil, Plant and Animal Nutrition as one subject by introducing you to the similarities between Soil, Plants, Animals and Humans by considering the inter-relationships between these living organisms from a mineral perspective. Included in this study is a comprehensive listing of forty major and trace mineral elements with practical descriptions of their functions in soil, plants, animals and humans together with some of their major interrelationships.

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