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Your Pathway to Healthy Soils, Plants and Animals
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In this unit we are mainly going to focus on animal nutrition/ animal cells.

  • Any living cell can only obtain its nutrition through plant life [Blackmore, p.7, 1993]. The plant is the converter of mineral matter and cosmic matter into one living form.
  • All animal cells are alike in structure and have a similar basic chemistry. For example a single cell from the human body, a humble earthworm, or from a free-living single-celled protozoan.
  • They require similar nutrients, produce similar waste products, and thrive only within the same relatively narrow range of physical conditions.
  • Animal tissue is made up of individual cells.
  • Healthy cells produce for example - healthy cattle.
Agriculture is about giving balanced nutrition to living cells, which form microbes, plants & animals via the soil.

The information contained in this publication has been formulated in good faith, the contents do not take into account all the factors which need to be considered before putting that information into practice. Accordingly, no person should rely on anything contained herein as a substitute for specific professional advice.
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