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Your Pathway to Healthy Soils, Plants and Animals
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[Common to all farm stock]

5 Basic Processes:

  1. Inheritance
  2. Reproduction
  3. Milk secretion
  4. Growth
  5. Nutrition
Where are you currently focusing your attention? Is it where your most important limitation is, or are you focusing on where your money goes:
e.g. A.I. & brought in feed, vets etc.

On which do you place the greatest emphasis?
Which one comes first in your animal management?

1]Feed 'em 2] Breed 'em 3] Weed 'em

Inheritance relates to the genetic make up of your animals.
Do you succumb to the massive market push and use "the best blood lines money can buy".
Which has the highest priority, feeding or breeding?

Reproduction & Fertility
[Common to all post-natal farm stock]

Five Common Factors:
Which is your limiting factor?

  • Hormone Influences
  • Genetic Control
  • Nutritional Factors
  • Disease Effects*
  • Management Methods
Milk Secretion

Consists of water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and pigments. Water and vitamins pass from the blood to the milk cavity. The other nutrients are changed into different combinations.

Growth in Farm Animals
[Common to all farm stock]

Changes in animals:

1. Growth;
Increases in weight until a mature size is reached.
This is called growth.

2. Development;
Changes its body shape or conformation; its body structure and its various faculties come into full being. This is called development. What is Nutrition?

  1. The processes by which living things take in food and use it.
  2. A balanced intake/diet is important in good nutrition.
  3. Nutrition is the part of medicine concerned with deficiency diseases* and malnutrition.
How big an interest does your vet take in preventative medicine?

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The information contained in this publication has been formulated in good faith, the contents do not take into account all the factors which need to be considered before putting that information into practice. Accordingly, no person should rely on anything contained herein as a substitute for specific professional advice.
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