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As previously mentioned there have been rapid changes in agriculture, particularly over the last hundred years. Of particular note has been the rapid development, acceptance and use of agrochemicals; pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, growth hormones etc., in modern farming systems. Their use has undoubtably led to significant production increases. However, their use is being questioned as associated problems such as the classic case of D.D.T. and other ongoing problems such as ground water contamination, algae blooms and a decrease in human sperm counts, are identified. In addition the use of agrochemicals could be considered as not sustainable as they often require high energy inputs of non-renewable resources. These type of issues have promoted increasing debate that questions the validity of their traditional use and the 'conventional' or standard school of thought that is heavily reliant on agrochemicals to fostering plant growth [Kiley-Worthington, 1993]. There is also an 'alternative' school of thought that can loosely be described as alternative agriculture, being Organic, Biological, Bio-dynamic agriculture and Permaculture.

The information contained in this publication has been formulated in good faith, the contents do not take into account all the factors which need to be considered before putting that information into practice. Accordingly, no person should rely on anything contained herein as a substitute for specific professional advice.
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